Sheffield, Vermont

"The salesman in question" He just emptied his house and disappeared 6/16/13.

I wonder where he went? Hopefully the police will catch up to him soon.

He is one shifty guy. Took is 2 kids and wife with him. he has been a thief for years working in varies sale positions, direct TV, Shwans food service and Lease Financial Group. I would not trust this man....ever.

He is a lazy lying piece of ***! He even bounces check to kids selling cookies to his door. He yells at his wife nad makes her do all of the work around the house.

What a loser. Don't trust him..ever

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Please call me I have some questions 504-237-7342


I received a draft of court papers against me, and the contract looks as a forged one, along with the affidavitts included. They have named approximately 6 different collection agencies as companies which I supposedly owe money to.

Pushpin first sent mail making demands and threats about 2 years ago. I requested that they submit to me proof of my account being assigned to them by the creditor. I reported to the BBB, thinking that they would inform these creditors that they must provide the letter from the Creditor proving that this collection was assigned to them.

Pushpin never submitted to me any such letter, affidavate, name, address, phone number, absolutely nothing. Then I heard nothing for quite a while until most recently. This time it is a draft of court filings along with a letter from their Lawyer Maddoff making the same demands. Pushpin is located in NYC, NY, at least in name. It is to my understanding that they hold a mailbox at this address only, at least it was 2 or 3 years ago.

I believe that Pushpin has obtained some of their information from Credit Bureaus, which is weird, as this account has not been on my credit report for quite a while, copy of the actual contract (not the same as the copy they are providing attached to the court draft). I have seen afidavits and these attached afidavitts are not in legal order.

I am tired of their harrassment, my health is not good and need to get some professional input - ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE THAT CAN PROVIDE SOME LEGAL ADVISE - REALLY CHEAP OR FOR FREE.


The lenders are supposed to inform their clients/customers that they are either turning over collections or selling their notes to a collection agency. I have never seen one of been informed of such. As for the 6 collections agencies - I dont remember any of them ever calling me.

PS - I was in belief that I had 90 days to return the credit card swipe machine ($650.00) if not satisfied. Lease company would not hear of it, said it was too late, that I had signed this contract, so I mailed it back to the company responsible for this transaction, within 6 months I believe. It has never been used and I was not in the right frame of mind when I signed the contract, thus putting trust into the company.

They also want over $5,000.00.

to trish #736587

Pushpin is a sister company of Lease Finance Group. They have about 8 aliases.

They are pure scammers and have no interest in anything but getting your money.

The best way to get rid of them is file a suit in your home state, before they sue you for collections. They bank that you won't go to ny to answer a suit from them, so you return the favor.

to marker Kansas City, Missouri, United States #766133


Don't respond to Pushpin Holdings LLC. Especially if your statute of limitations (SOL) has passed. If you call or send them letters, this starts your SOL clock over again.

I repeat DO NOT contact them at all. This company is a scammer and banks on their threating letters will make you pay money you do not owe.

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