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My business, Sarah’s Stop-N-Go, was open form June14, 2006 to March 10, 2008. Somewhere between June and November of 2006, I signed on with Money Tree Merchant Services for their check-processing machine.During this time, I lost a lot of money using their credit/check machine, which was processed by Global Payments, Inc.

Global Payment Inc was suppose to prevent bad checks, but instead, if I was written a check and the check-processing machine said it was good, I was to give the customer their check back, and keep the credit card like receipt. So when it really wasn’t good, which happened more than once, I lost the money. The company was suppose to reimburse me, but instead always had an excuse why it was my fault and would not follow through.

After November 2006, I had a complaint filed against me with Better Business Bureau by a lady, whose check I had ran, because Global Payments Inc ran her check twice and caused her overdraft fee’s and also a returned draft to my business. The company tried to say I ran the check twice, which was not true. She did pay me for the amount of the check, with no overdraft charge, but she filed the complaint against me, when it was Global Payments Inc. fault.

I did give her Money Tree Merchant Services number because she felt she was entitled to reimbursement on the over draft fees, and I also felt she was entitled; after all it was Global Payments Inc fault.

It was after this that I contacted Money Tree Merchant Services and told them I no longer wanted to use their services, and asked them to quit withdrawing money from my account. I did not realize there was also another company involved, which was Lease Finance Group LLC.

Money Tree Merchant Services sent me a postage packing slip to mail the machine back to them at their expense, which I did. In the meantime, with so much activity from my Oil Company lease in my bank account, I never questioned the $34.55 that was coming from my account; I assumed it was The oil company withdrawing the money for their credit card machine, when in fact it was Lease Finance Group LLC.

The total amount of $587.35 from that moment until I closed the store and had my account closed in May of 2008 has been withdrawn from my account for equipment I did not have or use.

Now Lease Financing Group LLC is harassing me several times a day with phone calls, in which no one talks to me, they just play annoying drum music into the earpiece or give me a recording. And they keep sending mail saying I owe them money, when in fact they owe me $587.35.

Now I am trying to contact Money Tree Merchant Service via e-mail and phone, to no avail. They have once answered my email, only to give me another run around, a phone number that has been disconnected. All I get from other numbers are recordings no actual person to talk to.

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My personal experience with ADVANTA.


The interest of my credit card goes from a 7.99% to 25.99%! OVERNIGHT! Ridiculous! I have perfect credit, never late, perfect little customer. What is it with these banks/credit card companies? The government needs to step in and place CAPS!!! No wonder so many people are in debt and just getting worse.

I called customer service to get the following; rates are based on a variety of factors including information about your Advanta account, such as credit line utilization and payment history and information we obtain from credit bureaus about your personal and business credit, blah blah, blah, blah, blah! An increase of 18% in 30-days? Are you on drugs? Are you serious? What a BLIPPIN' rip-off. THE GREED! Again, I have perfect credit, never a late payment, perfect score..

YOU just lost my business.

I am going to write to Washington and see how I can pass some of this agony, injustice, prejudice, personal time-wasting unto to someone else. When I have to get on the phone and call your lame customer support to hear this kind of *** (That's just what THIS IS and what THEY ARE DOING and GETTING AWAY WITH)! C_R_A_P, *** is what this means to me (we should make a satirical song about you guys). EVERYONE NEEDS TO CONTACT THEIR CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN AND WASHINGTON. This ABUSE has to STOP!

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