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This place is a scam!!!!Do NOT sign a lease with this company. They will take money out of your account without telling you.

If your bill is due then the day its due they will call EVERY number they have on file for you about 12 times each, all day, its crazy!! You cant terminate the lease even if your no longer accepting credit cards.

You can buy it out for your monthy charge (which is about $79 a month) TIMES the number of months left on the lease. The employees are rude and when you have a complaint about something they act like they've heard it a million times.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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This company started sending me notices in May 2001 after I closed my bank account. Because the a man name Jason Branch of Kansas City Missouri and a company named For Him Processing in Kansas were supposed to set up an Internet business for me and several hundred other victims.

I never received any equipment. However Lease Finance Group continued to bill me in spite of me contacting them with my complaint advising that I never received any equipment and reporting that an application was sent through that I had previously voided out with Jason Branch. 

I refused to pay this lease because to my knowledge there was no application, because I withdrew it in less than 24 hours. This showed up on my credit report and was still on it until in March 2008 as charged off as bad debt. It showed a closed date of Feb. 2002.


I recently started getting notices from Pushpin Holdings LLC. I immediately went on line and found hundreds of complaints. I'd advise anyone who is getting these notices to refuse to pay them. According to the BBB in April 2011 they received their first complaint about Pushpin. Know your rights!


That is fraudulent because the signiture should

be on the last page but the the first page . I think there will be class action suite against

LFG in N.Y. soon

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