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Please do not have anything to do with this company.

They hide all important things in fine print and make it impossible to get out of their service.

Most importantly, it is impossible to get hold of anyone even to provide document they require. Everything that others are complaining about is absolutely true. everything is bogus and designed to *** in any way possible.

as soon as you see LFG in any service lease agreement it is time to run from this. Vizex payments and Tangerine Payments, Pivotal payments they all work together to provide terrible service, on a fixed term contracts.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Don't forget all the other names these scammers go under: Northern Leasing and its affiliates - Lease Finance Group LLC, MBF Leasing LLC, Golden Eagle Leasing LLC and Lease Source-LSI, LLC. Very shifty company and personnel. Not enough is being done to close down this and simular organizations .

Clearlake, California, United States #932201

They are a complete nightmare. Why don't we all do a class action suit against them? Someone needs to stop this sort of deceitful type of business.


i agree and totally stay away from northern Leasing company which is somehow affiliated with this group too. i am a victim of identity theft and all other false transactions done in my name have been totallly cleared up except the one wit NOrthern leasing.

They want further personal info like copies of cancelled chqs and copies of my signataure. do they think i'm nuts?

they already hve scammed me once - not going to give them any ammo.

they harrass, phone, threaten ,etc. but don't want to investigate who at their office signed me up with a fake lease.


San Jose, California, United States #835642

The lease financial group (LFG) created many fraud business in Los Angeles, Chicargo, NY City, Portland etc. to cover each other to do business fraud.

It basically hide a very expensive card reader leasing contract into a relatively cheap merchant contract. In my case, a card reader values about $500. But the leasing fee is charged about $150 every month with a non-cancelable fake leasing contract. In my memory, I never signed the leasing contract.

I cancelled the contract. It broke my credit score and start a lawsuit in civil court of NY City. I, as California resident, am very hard to appear in civil court of NY City. They are tough rogues.

I believe these bad guys will be catched someday, and pay back for what they did.

But as a single small business operator, I do not have time and money to fight them in court. Any attorney is interested in representing all the victims to start lawsuit against LFG?

to LFG victim #1478747

What did you end up doing??

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States #804241

They also work with payment systems. DO NOT USE THEM.THEY WILL RIFF YOU OFF.



I just received a bill from Pushpin Holdings LLC. Who said my business which closed 3 years ago owes $650 in outstanding balance.

3 years ago and 4 moves while buying a new house. They expect me to find the Fex ex receipt of the equipment return. First they didn't give me a return address in a timely manner. Yes documented the person and such years ago.

I had a 2 year lease which they held me to for 3 years and you guessed it fine printed me from a equipment rental that was for purchase at the end of the 2 years turned in to a lease FOREVER. I don't expect a law suit to contact me I will search the net to join in. Just want to add my story. I will either Drag this out no worries about my credit hit with this new company.

Hold out to pay if anything 1 Cent on the dollar as a *** tax for signing anything. My new salon DOESN'T SIGN CONTRACTS and is operating Debt free. lesson learned might cost me something But they tried to get a phone number from me NEVER GIVE information they can harass you with.

I can wait. They can go to ***!

to Tari Johnson #1519653

8 years of nightmare with this vulture failed business and a Freddie that want go away. Please help fight this giant !


Same thing happened to our company. I would also be interested in joining a Class Action law suit.

They are crooks!

I think the U.S. Attorney General or Consumer Fraud Protection needs to hear our stories!


please someone send me suit information... a phone number of an attorney representing this i need help Thank you newestbrook@yahoo.com


I signed in July of 2012, and am just starting to get into this as I'm thinking gee, shouldn't this be over, option to buy out by now? No phone # on the paperwork, so I go online and all I can find is sites like these. Anyway, I write to provide the Cdn address on my docs.

Lease Financial Group LLC

P.O. Box 4554, Station A

Toronto, Ont

M5W 4S2

(and of course one cannot courier to a P.O. Box)

I had written a phone # on it at the time (must have wrestled it out of the rep)

800 747-0470.

I haven`t even begun but know I`ll end up in the same boat, so count me in for any legal action!

to Lorna Mooney Halifax N.S. Des Moines, Iowa, United States #656943

Thanks for the phone #! So far haven't been able to find that online. Did you ever get anything settled with them?


I would like to join a class action suit vs. them

reese !at!

affordablepcrepair !dot! com


I’m also in the same situation

In 2007 our lease was completed and no longer need a mobile credit system. After numerous phone calls to LFG I was finally able to reach someone who knew where to ship the equipment, which was shipped via FedEx and conformed delivered.

Fast forward five year...

Last month I received a letter from PushPin, the legal arm of LFG, and was told they never received the equipment and I’m personally on the hook for $1,500. With nearly five year in my rearview mirror I’m forced to go through countless hours of research in finding my FedEx shipping information. FedEx also re-circulates the numbers making my research even more difficult.

My question...

In 2007 does anyone one LFG’s live shipping address in 2007?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!



i used tis company 3 years in past when lease was over i was so happy because i paid over $4000 lease for $200 equipment when they presented as a service fee not an equipment lease again two years ago i signed with some other company and guess what it was same company ( first data ) their equipment work for a while except for amex take them two months to fix that and then phone lines changed on my are phone company switch to digital lines agan equipment stop working several phone calls they advice me to go get a digital to analog converted and i did so still oesnt work and after a month and a half i got diffrent equipment and had no problem ninty percent of my business run on credit card in that 45 days i lost over $20,000 of business its been a almost two years they keep calling me my house my work even my cell phone herrasting me they get really nasty on the phone is there any idea how to get rid of them


I am interested in information if there is a class action suit....along with Payment Systems!


Same here. I'll join in a Class Action suit as well.

I too, had to close my account and I refuse to give them new banking information. Now they are sending me invoices.


This also happened to my company. If there is a class action suit, please count us in.



If ther is a lawsuit against these people I what in on it.turningheads@hotmail.ca


I leased ther equipment in 2007 on a 48 mounth long lease.In 2011 I finished my term and gave them 30 days notice which they requided on the lease.I phoned to ask where I should send the equipment back so I sent it.Ther saying I did:nt send it back or give them ther 30 day notice.Still taking money out of my account. I had to close my account so they could"nt take any more money out. And in 2011 I was doing my taxes they were taking multiple transations out every month for that year.I would like to join the lawsuit againt these fraudulent people.Im a true beleiver of what comes around goes around.

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