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Hey everyone, I just launched a facebook page "Lease Finance Group is a Scam!!." Look it up and join!It's time to put up solid defenses against this incredibly Horible Company.

There are an estimated 300,000 victims that have been ripped-off by this company, and that's only the ones who actually reported it. It's very clear that there are some "behind the scenes" actions taking place, otherwise they would've been shut down a long time ago.

One must pay close attention to the lack of justice taking place, and assume there is a bigger, darker picture to this sad story.Join this page and fight back!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Leander, Texas, United States #1190006

let send letters to office of FBI located NewYork.once few hundreds of letter sent out to them, they will start get in investigation.

making sure few hundreds of victims are in the same boat, and the person who send letter must have evidence of the Fraud. Good Luck.

2013, over 600 people sued lease finance group,they wined and LFG was forced return money they stole from victim's bank accounts to their victims.

that's all i read about Lease finance Group.



I hate these people. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get these people to pay for all their scams.

to Anonymous Leander, Texas, United States #1190008

if your boss have evidence of the Fraud, send letter to FBI ot Police at New York where LFG locate now.

Head quarter of the fraud Lease finance group at Illinois closed 2 year ago.

if lfg sue your boss, please don't miss it, bring all evidence with him go to New York, he may set himself free from this fraud.

or no way out, your boss would have to pay that amount to lfg.

sorry, i m late to share information and my experience to you.

good Luck, any question email me alextrinh42@hotmail.com


My boss received letter from Pushpin Holdings today about equipment lease agreement, with a balance of 2,233.40.They claim he may be experiencing financial difficulties and may be eligible to receive up to 60% discount on this balance.

This is a one time offer to pay at a substantially reduced amount via credit/debit card,check by phone,wire transfer,western union or overnight delivery service. He was totally shocked because of the fact that he returned this equipment several months ago;actually one month after he tried it for the business and was charged over 1,300 and only used the machine for 3-4 transactions, also had to pay early termination fee. He was furious after receiving this letter,called the number and recording came on sorry number not currently in service. Really Mr.

Louis Reina and your Hardship Settlement Agreement, shame on you taking advantage of folks.:upset :(


I just received a letter today demanding over 3000.00 dollars for a cc machine back in 2003 that the company I worked for had.I called and told them, don't even bother.

They won't get a cent out of me.

I shredded the letter and told the lady basically, get screwed.


My husband got a FINAL DEMAND letter for a credit card machine lease from 2004.He was a volunteer officer for a non-profit organization that has since closed.

Reina fraudulently tried to tell me that they consider my husband as a guarantor for the lease because they "now" have his social security. I let him know they fraudulently obtained his SSN if they had it. I cut hold off and refused to pay them a penny that we don't owe. Reina told me to "not take that tone with him because he would automatically seize MY bank account and personal property today".

I didn't sign anything and they don't have my SSN or signature. I told him good luck illegally stealing MY social Security Disability Benefits and my husband doesn't work. Reina said he make me prove every penny in MY bank account is from Social Security/Disability. He can't get what he's not legally entitled to!!!

If he did get a penny without my knowledge or permission, I'll have him and his scam "company" charged with fraud and more!!!



just received one of these letters for a business i had over ten years ago in another state. same thing...i have failed to respond for demand for previous payment and they will commence a civil action against me and it said to please govern yourself accordingly.

funny... all address` are p.o.boxes


I had a credit card terminal with this outfit many, MANY years ago.I signed a 2 yr contract for the equipment.

When the equip failed at about 24 months and they wanted us to pay for the repairs, we told them we would return the stuff and they could keep it. We were informed that our contract was for 4 years and not 2!! I demanded to see their copy of the paperwork and was able to prove that the saleswoman had forged my name and re-written the terms of the agreement. The company agreed to void the contract and we parted company well over 10 years ago.

I recently received notice that a Civil Action has been filed against me by Pushpin.

I am considering how to proceed.:(

to iswearem Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #595239

check the statute of limitations(SOL) for your state.This company is what we call a scavenger debt collector.

They can file a suit but if its over SOL period then you have a defense and any action should be dismissed.You dont have to pay a penny.

If you pay even a penny, the SOL will restart and then they will have a claim which wont be dismissed so easily.


I received a letter from them have no idea who they are, I am very :( :cry :roll :? somebody for sure used my identity reported them to my credit report

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