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Stay as far away from these clowns as possible.

I opened a small business in 2002 and needed the ability to accept credit/debit cards

We brought in a few sales reps to give us quotes.

We selected a service company that offered good rates and off we went.

The machines arived, were set up and all is well "NOT"

I find that we have to change out the machine due to new regulations and so it was done.

Some time later I see that my checking account is getting smaller and it should not be.

Lease finance group had started double dipping for the NEW machines that were installed as per federal regulations.

I called them several times and got tactless little idiots to talk to that did nothing bu threaten.

I called the Bank and cancelled their payment authorization on the monthly draw.

LFG theatened me for months over that deal

OK, now comes the end of our service contract with LFG and a few months away the machine stops working and will not process cards. all it will do is give me error messages.

I called for service and got tech support, these guys were great, but the machine was dead.

Tech support gives me a number to call to see about resolving the issue and I called them only to find out that a new machine is going to cost me $300 ++ and I must pay the freight too.

NOOOOOOOO way is that happening. LFG is going to continue to bill me $60 a month plus I have to pay for a new machine too.

Calling the reps, LFG and sevral others got me nowhere.

I needed to be able to accept credit/debit cards as the lack of this service was costing me sales.

I contacted my bank and they sent over a rep to speak to us, he brought in a new set of machines, set them up and had us running in less than a day.

LFG kept on charging my account, so I had that stopped at the bank.

Soon I got the threatening letters and demands. I called their numbers a few times, only to get some little puke that was obnoxious and would not help at all, just made demands for money.

I finally spoke to a supervisor (maybe he was) we discussed the entire issue and he agreed to make the mess go away if we sent the machine back.

I returned the machine and did so through USPS with deliver confermation.

I never received the delivery confermation back.

Its been several months and now LFG has turned this over to a company called Push Pin LLC

They are threatening me if I dont pay somem huge dollar amount.

These people are all scammers, out to rip off everyone they can.

Just theaves, common strong armed thugs.

Stay away from LFG at all costs

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Lease Finance Group is a terrible company to deal with.We too fell for their lies and signed up.

After just one month I called and tried to get out of the lease agreement because they did not save us money at all like they promised, in fact the fees are much higher than the company we had before. When I called I think I talked to the same puke that you talked to or else all their reps are like that. You can tell by what John Galt just wrote to Snowy. That is just how I was treated on the phone.



John Galt- maybe you are working with the scammers- the same thing happened to me- only I fulfilled my contract, closed my bank accounts, and returned the machine- with a returned bill of lading, and they are still sending me bills and nasty letters- this company is no good


Snowy, you are obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.You signed a lease agreement; a NON-CANCELLABLE Lease Agreement!

They all say that in big bold letters! What you want to do is complain, because you want a do-over!

Well, sorry to say that being in business for yourself is rough, and you have to be smarter than a rock to succeed!

You want to blame the leasing company, when I imagine that the original processing company lied to you about the details.Take responsibility for your own actions, and quit asking others to bail you out of a *** decision.

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