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Lease Finance Group - LFG Straight out - Forgers

  • by   Feb 23, 2012
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Company Lease Finance Group
Product / Service Lfg Lease
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Category Finances
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Monetary Loss

They sent out a lease for a new Creditr card machine - then backhanded orded a new check cashing machine - charged it to my account deleivered it to some 3rd party receiver and city - then denied it ever existed - yet charged me 5k on their fault.I wouldn't pay, and they tossed it on my credit record 4 years ago.

Now when I apply for laon reduction on refi - I'm denied because I fall right at the line for low score credit.

Its cost me 100,000 now, they won't admin to the fraud ordrop the charges.*** fo9r brains company, they need to have a class action to bring them down. 308b523

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May 27, 2012 
There is a lawsuit against these companies. We are all victims of these frauds should join it. Here are some links.
Reply to Mandeep

Mar 28, 2012 
Lease Finance group screwed me over too- I fulfilled my lease, and sent the machine back, and they are still trying to charge me every month- the charges were coming out of a business account, so we closed the account, and changed banks, too. Get nasty letters all the time- there should be a class action suit against these creeps
Reply to annonymous- St. Charles, Illin

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